2020’s Reading Roundups


Adams, Mike Fierce Girls

Adhara, Charlie Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Adler, Isabelle Adrift

Aiken, G. A. The Blacksmith Queen, The Princess Knight

Andrews, Ilona The Kinsman Universe

Annett, Danielle Cursed by Fire

Avizur, Karen A Tracker’s Tale


Bacon, Eugen The Road to Woop Woop

Barrett, David It’s All Fun and Games

Bates, Aiden & Austin Fighting for Love

Biller, Diana The Widow of Rose House

Blackwell, Tammy A Dance Like Flame

Boyce, Moni Awakened

Braden, L. R. A Drop of Magic

Brooks, Harper A. Death Wish

Brown, C. D. Vamp City

Bushbinder, Sharon Tears Of the Wolf


Carpenter, Kel Lucifer’s Daughter

Casey, Rowan The Circle Gathers

Celeste, Mia Jo Other Than

Charles, K.J. The Secret Casebook of Simon Feximal, Slippery Creatures, Any Old Diamonds

Chateau, Jonathan Faith Against the Wolves

Coates, Ta-Nehisi We Were Eight Years in Power

Collins, Margo Bond & Constant, Eli Tiny and Fierce

Crawford, C. N. Dark King

Cubed, Magen, Leather and Lace

Curry, Brynna Claiming Ana


D’Arc, Bianca All About the Bear, Mating Dance, Night Shift

Dark, Bailey Her Shifter King

Davis, Charlotte Nicole The Good Luck Girls

Day, Alyssa Dead Eye, Atlantis Rising


Edwards, K.D. The Hanged Man

Eight, Mel Dragon Consultant

Elizabeth, Scerina The Order of the Dragon

Evans, Valerie Of Spells and Fur


Fawkes, W. M. & Burns, Sam The King’s Dragon, The Prince’s Dragon, The Assassin’s Dragon

Feli, Zaya Wild Sky

Fenichel, A.S. Misleading a Duke

Fisher, Sharon Lynn The Absinthe Earl


Geisel, C. J. Lowcountry Incantations

Giammatteo, Giacomo Light of Lights

Grass, Alex The Influencer

Graves, Anthony Infinite Hope


Hall, Alexis Fire & Water, Boyfriend Material

Hamill, E.M. Peacemaker

Hamilton, Susan K. Shadow King

Hamm, Emma Heart of the Fae, Veins of Magic, The Faceless Woman, The Raven’s Ballad

Hudson, Beth Goldsong

Hutchins, Jodi The grim Assistant


Indriðason, Arnaldur Arctic Chill


Jonas, Gary The Half-Assed Wizard

Jones, Feminista Reclaiming Our Space

Julian, Tom Timberwolf


Keller, J. J. Mystic Lover

Khan-Cullors, Patrisse & Bandele, Asha When The Call You a Terrorist

Koivu, Jason R. Beyond Barlow, The Rue of Hope


Lanyon, Josh Murder at Pirate’s Cove

Lanzarotta, Daniele The Sinners

Laskas, Jeanne Marie To Obama: With Love, Joy, Anger, and Hope

Lawson, Elena shifted Fate

Leroux, Lucy Eat You Up


March, Mazzy J. Survivor

Markwell-Tweed, Imogen Life After Love, I Know How This Ends

Martone, Kathy Victorian Songlight

McCandless, Bruce & Carson Beatrice and the Basilisk, Beatrice at Bay

McGill, Brie Kain

Meuwissen, Amanda Their Dark Reflections 

Mihalik, Jessie Aurora Blazing, Polaris Rising

Miltimore, K.A. Burned to a Crisp


Nichols, Shari Haunted, Midnight Desire, Midnight Temptation

Nikole, Karla Lore & Lust


Olson, Melissa F. Midnight Curse


Parker, Megan J. & Squires, Nathan New Moon

Parker, Mysti & Loucks, Lindsey R. Emergence, Defiance, Obsession, Relentless, Ascension,

Penman, G. D. The Wounded Ones

Pecherczyk, Lana Sinner, Envy

Perera, Marian The Highest Tide

Person, A. City of York

Polk, C. L. Witchmark, Stormsong

Preston, Irene & Rancourt, Liv Haunted, Harrowed

Price, Jordan Castillo Channeling Morpheus for Scary Mary


Quinn, Julia The Duke and I


Rain, Amira Double the Alpha

Ray, Roxie A Bride for the Alien King, The Alien Protector’s Mate

Rey, Harry F. Siege Weapons

Rice, Patricia Must Be Magic

Richland, Anna First to Burn

Ringle, Molly Lava Red Feather Blue

Ripper, Kris One Dead Vampire

Rocha, Kit Deal with the Devil

Roman, Celia Witch Hollow

Rosko, Mandy The Vampire’s Curse


Sanders, Raynard & Stovall, David & White, Terrenda Twenty-First-Century Jim Crow Schools

Sapkowski, Andrzej Blood of Elves, The Time of Contempt

Saren, Jenica Sinless

Savino, Lee & Angel, Golden Alien Captive

Silvera, Jasmine Binding Shadows, Death’s Dancer, Dancer’s Flame

Skyhorse, Brando & Page, Lisa We Wear the Mask

Sommers, Alexa Level Up

Stelling, Joshua Genex of Halcyon

Sterling, K. Hide and Keep, The Boys of Lake Cliff

Stevens, E.J. Craven Street

Stevens, Erica Frost Burn

Stone, Sean Warlock for Hire, Warlock Wanted, Dark Warlock


Tardieu, Wendy The Rules of Enchantment

Thomas, Erwin K. Life’s Passages

Townsend, Mara Matchmaking Beyond the Veil

Turner, Hailey A Ferry of Bones & Gold


Urban, Madeleine Far From Home


Vale, Maria The Last Wolf, A Wolf Apart, Forever Wolf, Season of the Wolf

Valentina, Ellie The Hot Wolf, The Red Wolf, The Fire Wolf


Waite, Olivia The Lady’s Guide to Celestial Mechanics

Watson, Felicia We Have Met the Enemy, Spooky Action at a Distance

Welsh, S. E. Seer

White, Elle Katharine Heartstone

Wilds, A. C. Blood Demon

Willows, Kali A Cougar Among Wolves

Wilkins, Jon Poppy Flowers at the Front

Wilson, Mikel J. Murder on the Lake of Fire


X., Alexia Haru to Aiden


Yakstis, Ande & Brannan, Daniel You Can’t Kill the Dream


Zanetti, Rebecca Scorpius Rising