2021 Reading Roundups


Xmas Short Stories, Short Stories


queens and mosters banner

Amare, India – Queens and Monsters

in case of emergency banner 2

Andrews, Keira – In Case Of Emergency

blood heir

Andrews, Ilona – Blood Heir

sapphire flames emarald blaze titles

Andrews, Ilona – Sapphire Flames, Emerald Blaze

witches for hire

Argent, Sam – Witches For Hire

perfect pending

Ashta, Lucia – Perfect Pending


Ashley Connor & Page, Charlotte – Inked

ensoulment nick askew

Askew, Nick – Ensoulment


kasia bacon the scouts

Bacon, Kasia – The Scouts

twenty-one arrow salute banner

Bacon, Kasia – Twenty-One Arrow Salute

False Front Illicit intent

Baldwin, Debbie – False Front, Illicit Intent

fierce cowboy wolf banner

Ballenger, Kait – Fierce Cowboy Wolf

alien innkeeper

Barbour, Roxanne – Alien Innkeeper

the problem with mistletoe banner

Baxter, Kyle – The Problem With Mistletoe

Mr. Frosty Pants banner

Blake, Leta – Mr. Frosty Pants

the moreva of Astoreth banner

Bland, Roxanne – The Moreva of Astoreth

Bolden, Beth – Merry Elf-ing Christmas

Dragon Dreams and Fairy Wings Blitz Banner

Bradford, Bailey – Dragon Dreams

fate of perfection breene

Breene, K.F. – Fate of Perfection

Leveling up 1-3 kf Breene

Breene, K. F. – Magical Midlife Madness, Magical Midlife Dating, Magical Midlife Invasion

tiger claimed banner

Brooks, Harper A. – Tiger Claimed

wolf marked harper a brooks

Brooks, Harper A. – Wolf Marked

the flowers of vashnoi

Bujold, Lois McMaster – The Flowers of Vashnoi

death before dragons

Buroker, Lindsay – Mist and Magic, Sinister Magic, Battle Bong, Tangled Truths, Elven Doom, The Forbidden Ground, False Security, Storm Forged

the dragon spell

Burrows, Bonnie – The Dragon’s Spell

fool moon title

Butcher, Jim – Fool Moon

highland stranger banner 1

Byrne, Kerrigan – Highland Stranger


hex after forty banner

Caan, M. J. – Hex After Forty

one poison pie lynn cahoon

Cahoon, Lynn – One Poison Pie

Wolf Marked alexis calder banner

Calder, Alexis – Wolf Marked

wolf untamed banner

Calder, Alexis – Wolf Untamed

the lowest realm

Campbell, Amy-Alex – The Lowest Realm

song of shadow

Capello, Natalya – Song of Shadow

kushiel's dart banner

Cary, Jacqueline – Kushiel’s Dart

grave concerns banner

Carter, Jayce – Grave Robbing and Other Hobbies, Hell Raising and Other Pastimes

saving the world and other bad ideas banner

Carter, Jayce – Saving the World and Other Bad Ideas

the christmas light battle banner 1

Cates, Skylar M. – The Christmas Lights Battle

forty fabulous and fae banner

Chase, Melinda – Forty, Fabulous & Fae?

the awakening kate chopin

Chopin, Kate – The Awakening

awakening churton banner

Churton, C .S. – Awakening

shifting fates banner

Clarke, Meredith – Shifting Fates

Awakeing clatworthy banner

Clatworthy, G. – Awakening

the unremarkable man banner

Coffin, Lauren – The Unremarkable Man

Colgan, Jenny – Christmas At Rosie Hopkins’ Sweetshop

A Key an Egg an Unfortunate Remark banner

Connolly, Harry – A Key an Egg an Unfortunate Remark

solstice surrender banner

Cooper-Posey, Tracy – Solstice Surrender

spin the shadows banner

Corvin, Cate – Spin the Shadows

the destiny of ethan king

Cosgrove, Martin – The Destiny of Ethan King

A Grimoire For Gamblers

Creiglow, Amanda – A Grimoire For Gamblers



DaCosta, Pippa – Betrayal

the messenger chronicles

DaCosta, Pippa – Shoot the Messenger, Game of Lies, Nightshade’s Touch, Prince of Dreams, Her Dark Legion


de Campi, Alex – Heartbreak Incorporated

difiant flipped

Denton, Ann – Defiant

defiled banner

Denton, Ann – Defiled

knightfall banner

Denton, Ann – Knightfall

eastside hedge witch banner

Deschamps, T. J. – Eastside Hedge Witch

veronica douglas wolf marked banner

Douglas, Veronica – Wolf Marked

before again banner

Duffy, Claire S. – Before Again

coven banner

Dugan, Jennifer – Coven

stone and steel banner

Dunbar, Eboni – Stone and Steel

winterset hollow banner

Durham, Jonathan Edward – Winterset Hollow


how to howl at the moon banner

Easton, Eli – How to Howl at the Moon

My Blood Runs Blue

Eaton, Stacy – My Blood Runs Blue

axiom's end banner

Ellis, Lindsay – Axiom’s End

fighting for us banner

Emy, Bella – Fighting For Us

fatal illusion

Etherton, Tameri – Fatal Illusion

christmas lites banner

Eye, Amy (ed)- Christmas Lites II


dangerous magic banner

Fairview, Monica – Dangerous Magic

sleigh spells banner

Falls, Bella – Sleigh Spells

the awakening by christine feehan

Feehan, Christine – The Awakening

to linzer and to cherish

Fitzgerlad, Jen – To Linzer & To Cherish

Aofie's Quest

Ford, Angela J. – Aofie’s Quest

Tribari Freedom Chronicles,

Ford, Rachel – Catalyst, Uprising, Liberation, Absolution

demons in the bedroom

Foxglove, Lidiya – Demons in the Bedroom



Gagne-Cyr, Gabrielle – A Flight in the Heavens

Gale, Scarlett – His Secret Illuminations, His Sacred Incantations

magic for liars

Gailey, Sarah – Magic For Liars

the sandman title

Gaiman, Neil – The Sandman

dragon(e) baby gone

Gainey, Robert – Dragon(e) Baby Gone

a trail of pearls banner

George, D. M. – A Trail of Pearls

scent and scent ability banner

George, Renee – Sense and Scent Ability

charley's christmas wolf banner

Gorri, C. D. –  Charley’s Christmas Wolf

Grant, Cecilia – A Christmas Gone Perfectly Wrong

Gray, Kiska – Second Chances

the alpha's warlock banner

Grayson, Eliot – The Alpha’s Warlock

The Discovery of Spiritual Chivalry, by Dr Todd Greene

Greene, Todd – The Discovery of Spiritual Chivalry


Awakening (Triorion #1)

Hachmeister, L. J. – Awakening

the border keeper

Hall, Kerstin – The Border Keeper

Accidental magic banner

Hall, Nicole – Accidental Magic

a terrible fall of angels banner

Hamilton, Laurell K. – A Terrible Fall Of Angels

any given doomsday

Handeland, Lori – Any Given Doomsday

Over the Faery Hill

Hart, Jennifer L. – Over the Faery Hill

prince of never

Heart, Juno – Prince of Never

high priestess

Hewlett, Wendy – High Priestess

2021 a wolf is not just for christmas

Holland, J. F. – A Wolf In Not Just For Christmas

the wisteria society of lady scoundrels banner

Holton, India – The Wisteria Society of Lady Scoundrels


Honfleur, Miranda & Andrews, Nicolette – Feast of the Mother

suddenly psychic banner

Hunter, Elizabeth – Suddenly Psychic


wyrd gods

Imaginário, Susana – Wyrd Gods

A Christmas date banner

Isley, Camilla – A Christmas Date


the dragon of new orleans

Jack, Genevieve – The Dragon of New Orleans

Frosting her christmas Cookies banner 1

Jacobs, Alina – Frosting Her Christmas Cookies

the demon of mansfeld manor

Jacobs, S. A. – The Demon of Manfeld Manor

unhinged banner

James, Onley – Unhinged

the hunter and the spider

Jeanmougin, E. M. & Wright, Jay – Strangers in the Night, Friends in Low Places

bitter sweets christmas banner 2

Jenkins, Suzanne – BIttersweets Christmas: Arvin & Tina

the witch & the awakening

Johnston, Kaylee – The Witch, The Awakening

cold read banner

Joiner, Renee – Cold Read


Jones, Darynda – Betwixt

revenge de los muertos banner

Jones, Talis – Revenge De Los Muertos


Kaufman, Ami & Kristoff, Jay Aurora Rising, Aurora Burning

Kaufman, Ami & Kristoff, Jay – Aurora Rising, Aurora Burning

edge of the woods

Kelley, Jules – Edge of the Woods

a curse so dark and lonely

Kemmerer, Brigid – A Curse So Dark and Lonely

christmasly obedient banner 1

Kent, Julia – Christmasly Obedient

where we begin banner 2

King, Janey – Where We Begin

Bloody Kingdom Banner

King, Kayleigh – Bloody Kingdom

clocktaur war series

Kingfisher, T. – Clockwork Boys, The Wonder Engine

paladin's grace banner

Kingfisher, T. – Paladin’s Grace

paladin's strength banner

Kingfisher, T. – Paladin’s Strength

swordheart banner

Kingfisher, T. – Swordheart

born of metal

Knorr, A. L & Schneider, A. D. – Born of Metal


steampunk cyborg

Langlais, Eve – Steampunk Cyborg

fatal shadows banner

Lanyon, Josh – Fatal Shadows

awakening banner

Lee, Amanda M. – Awakening

thirsty mermaid title

Leyh, Kat – Thirsty Mermaids

the wizard of the pigeons

Lindholm, Megan – Wizard of the Pigeons


Llewellyn, A. J. – Nightwalker


prince ewald the brave

Madeley, Dylan – Prince Ewald the Brave

holiday haunts banner

Markwell-Tweed, Imogen & Dalrymple, Wendy – Holiday Haunts

Guild Codex Demonized series by Annette Marie

Marie, Annette – Taming Demons For Beginners, Slaying Monsters for the Feeble, Hunting Fiends for the Ill-Equipped, Delivering Evil for Experts

winters orbit banner

Maxwell, Everina – Winter’s Orbit

moon scorned banner

Mayberry, Marty – Moon Scorned


McClain, Virginia – Sairō’s Claw

valkyrie beastiary banner

McDougall, Kim – Three Half Goats Gruff, Dragons Don’t Eat Meat

his only wife

Medie, Peace Adzo – His Only Wife


Melzer, Xenia – Demon’s Wish

bishop's crossing banner

Mewha, Don – Bishop’s Crossing

the size of the moon banner (from author FB)

Michaels, E. J. – The Size of the Moon

wings of fire

Mirro, Stephanie – Wings of Fire

a glow of stars and dusk banner

Mitchell, Eve L. – A Glow of Stars & Dusk


Mitchell, S. C. – Awakening

Gods of jade and shadow

Moreno-Garcia, Silvia – Gods of jade and Shadow

gideon the ninth, harrow the ninth

Muir, Tamsyn – Gideon the Ninth, Harrow the Ninth

Convenience Store Woman

Murata, Sayaka – Convenience Store Woman


Neill, Chloe – The Bright and Breaking Sea

tad md neu

Neu, M. D. – T.A.D

something wicked

Nicolson, Emery – Something Wicked

awakening nilles

Nilles, Melanie – Awakening

awakening ono northey

Northey, Ono – Awakening

a deadly education

Novik, Naomi – A Deadly Education


blood hunted banner

O’Connor, K. E. – Blood Hunted

remote control

Okorafor, Nnedi – Remote Control

found at sea

Osborn, Jaclyn – Found At Sea


wild rising banner

Panikian, K. – Wild Rising

verena's whistle

Panikian, K. – Verena’s Whistle

Parrish, Roan – The Remaking of Corbin Wale

vows of laughter and gold banner

Pawlicki, Edith – Vows of Gold and Laughter

traitor of the black crown

Pearce, Cate – Traitors of the Black Crown

awakening pezzano

Pezzano, Jennifer Leigh – Awakening

Last Blue Christmas Tour Banner

Prendeville, Rose – Last Blue Christmas


Price, Jordan Castillo – Body & Soul, Secrets, Camp Hell, Ghost TV, Spook Squad

grave witch

Price, Kalayna – Grave Witch


camera obscura

Quinn, Christina – Camera Obscura

the most eligible viscount in London banner

Quinn, Ella – The Most Eligible Viscount In London


through the black mirror

Ramsay, Blaise – Through the Black Mirror

the wave of silence

Randell, Xen – The Wave of Silence

full moon in leo

Ray, Brooklyn – Full Moon in Leo

smokin hot cowboy christmas banner

Redford, Kim – Smokin’ Hot Cowboy Christmas

monster midwife banner

Reese, Lumen – Monster Midwife

the accidental gatekeeper

Rehse, Carla – The Accidental Gatekeeper


Reiter, Raine – Takakush

wolf kissed banner

Renee, Heather – Wolf Kissed

ginger storm banner

Rice, J. P. – Ginger Storm

bleakes geek banner

Richarson, Lesli – Bleacke’s Geek

in light of death

Rigsby, D. W. – In Light Of Death

Tristan Tour Banner

Roberts, Jennie Lynn – Tristan

the awakening banner

Roberts, Nora – The Awakening

the devil you know banner

Rocha, Kit – The Devil You Know

fae's torment banner

Rose, Atlas & Faulks, Kim – Fae’s Torment

susan taki

Rose, Dee – Susan Taki: The New Coven


the cursed crown banner

Sage, May & Blake, Alexi – The Cursed Crown

Chasing the Darkness banner

Sanchez, Cassie – Chasing the Darkness


Sargent, R. E. – Fury: The Awakening

mine to five banner 2

September, Tara – Mine to Five


Silks, Lacey – Marked


Sinclair, Kat – Peacekeepers

soothing monsters banner

Sinclair, M. – Soothing Monsters

live by the team

Skaggs, Cindy – Live By the Team

shadow of the wicked banner

Smith, Douglas W.T. – Shadow of the Wicked

luna rising banner

Snow, Sara – Luna Rising

magic thief

Sommerly, C. C. – Magic Thief

dreaming of a white wolf banner 1

Spear, Terry – Dreaming of a White Wolf Christmas

fortune favors the dead banner

Spotswood, Stephen – Fortune Favors the Dead

love bites banner

St. Aubin, Cynthia – Love Bites

forsaken fae banner

Steffan, R. A. – Forsaken Fae

the last vampire covers

Steffan, R. A. & Woolfe, Jaelynn – The Last Vampire (1-3)

the plight before christmas banner1

Stewart, Kate – The Plight Before Christmas

Stirling, S. M. – The Sky People

shards of a shattered soul

Stokes, S. C. – Shards of a Shattered Soul

supernatural bounty hunger

Stone, Leia & Ashta, Lucía – Magic Bite


shadow shinjuku banner

Takeshi, Ryu – Shadow Shinjuku

shifty magic

Teel, Judy – Shifty Magic

fatal kiss banner

Tempest, Viola – Fatal Kiss

cemetery boys

Thomas, Aiden – Cemetery Boys

wolf hunter

Thomas-Sundstrom, Linda – Wolf Hunter

my luck

Todd, Mel – My Luck


blood witch rising banner

Ulric, Joe – Blood Witch Rising

annihilation aria banner

Underwood, Michael R. – Annihilation Aria


skin deep

Vaughn, S. W. – Skin Deep

the assassin's daughter

Vernon, Shana – The Assassin’s Daughter

Singing Hills Cycle titles

Vo, Nghi – The Empress of Salt and Fortune, When the Tiger Came Down the Mountain

the hollow gods banner

Vrana, A. J. – The Hollowed Gods


a hopeful christmas banner

Walker, Anneka R.; Bessey, Sian Ann; Kelly, Carla & Jensen, Krista Lynne – A Hopeful Christmas

tomb of the queen banner

Walker, Joss – Tomb of the Queen

fury unleashed

Walters, N. J. – Fury Unleashed

cold queen banner

Webster, K. – Cold Queen

the dragon's midlife mate banner

Weir, Haley – The Dragon’s Midlife Mate

a cristmas promise banner 2

Well, K. C. – A Christmas Promise

network effect fugitive telemetry

Wells, Martha – Network Effect, Fugitive Telemetry

awakening west

West, Brianna – Awakening

midlife in mosswood

West, Louisa – New Witch on the Block, Jealousy’s a Witch

blood and ash

Wilde, Deborah – Blood & Ash

throwing shade banner

Wilde, Deborah – Throwing Shade

wild banner

Wilder, Adrienne – Wild

awakening banner

Williams, Poppy – Awakening

death opens a banner

Wilson, Mikel J. – Death Opens a Window

a light to kill by

Wilson, Mikel J. – A Light To Kill By

ever strange

Woods, Alisa – Ever Strange

Valkyrie Cursed

Wylor-Owen, Rosie – Valkyrie Cursed


eternal micah's mate

Xander, Tianna – Eternal: Micah’s Mate


mary, everything banner

Yorke, Cassandra – Mary, Everything


The Finder Witch and the Small Favor

Zaccard, Kat – The Finder Witch and the Small Favor