By Author


Aaronovitch, Ben Rivers of London

Albert, Annabeth At Attention

Allen, Nancy Campbell Beauty and the Clockwork Beast

Allmon, Don The Glamour Thieves

Amriss, Jennifer Mage of Legend

Andrews, Ilona White Hot, On the Edge, Bayou Moon

Appel, Jacob M. Coulrophobia & Fata Morgana, The Magic Laundry


Babineaux, Macy Dragon Blue

Bamberg, Richard A. Monster Hunting 101

Bard, Sandra Finding His Feet

Bear, Elizabeth The Stone in the Skull

Beecroft, Alex False Colors

Belmond, C. A. Cooking for Picasso

Bennis, Robyn The Guns Above

Bible, Jake Stone Cold Bastards

Black, C. E. Shifted Under Construction

Bowen, Rhys Away in a Manger

Bowlin, Chasity The Haunting of a Duke

Briggs, Patricia Silence Fallen

Brodsky, Jordanna Max The Immortals

Brotherton, M. A. Choices

Brues, H. J. Yakuza Pride

Brumley, B. Woe for a Faerie

Byrne, Kerrigan The Scot Beds His Wife


Caplinger, Tabitha The Chronicle of the Three: Bloodline

Carpenter, Beth A Gift for Santa

Carr, Martha R. & Anderle, Michael Waking Magic

Carriger, G. L./Gail The Sumage Solution, Poison or Protect

Chant, Austin Peter Darling

Charles, K. J. An Unseen Attraction , An Unnatural Vice, An Unsuitable Heir, Spectred Isle

Chbosky, Stephen The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Chupeco, Rin The Bone Witch

Cipriano, J. A. & Kressley, Conner Pound of Flesh

Clawson, David My Fairy Godmother is a Drag Queen

Collins, Margo Bond Wild Wild Ghost

Connelly, Cara The Wedding Vow

Cooper, R. Some Kind of Magic, A Boy and his DragonA Beginner’s Guide to Wooing Your Mate,    Little Wolf

Cothern, Brenda Sixth

Crilley, Mark Manga Art

Croft, Nina Bittersweet Magic 

Cummings, Carole Ghost, Weregild, Koan, Incendiary 

Cymri, Chrys Penny White and the Cult of Unicorns


de la Cruz, Melissa Pride and Prejudice and Mistletoe

de Leon, Miguel Lopez The Covens of Elmeeria

DiBenedetto, J. J Finders Keepers

Drayden, Nicky The Prey of Gods


Edwards, Hailey Dog With a Bone

England, Rider Pledge Allegiance

Erickson, Megan Blood Guard

Erickson, Megan & Hassell, Santino Hard Wired, Mature Content

Ehsani, Vered The Automaton’s Wife

Evans, Holly Stolen Ink


Faulkner, Amelia Jack of Thorns, Knight of Flames, Lord of Ravens

Fielding, Kim Good Bones, Brute

Ford, Rhys Black Dog Blues, Mad Lizard Mambo, Fish Stick Fridays, Ink and Shadows

Fox, Carmen Guarded

Fox, Kim The Wilde Crew: Rhett

Foye, Parker Wolf in King’s Clothing

Frazer, Andy Dragons of Wales


G., Jessie Treading Water

Gailey, Sarah River of Teeth

Gaiman, Neil The Ocean at the End of the Lane

Gingell, W. R. Twelve Days of Faery

Green, Amy Rebel Wolf

Griffith, Clay & Susan The Greyfriar

Gurley, Jason Eleanor


Hagg, M.J & Vincenza, Becca Demon Ember

Hall, Alexis How to Bang a Billionaire 

Hamill, E. M. Dali

Hamilton, Alwyn Rebel to the Sands, Traitor to the Throne

Hansen, Annie Take the Donut

Harbour, Katherine Thorn Jack, Briar Queen

Hardman, Kevin Sensation

Harnois, Devin Undaunted

Harris, Charlaine Midnight Crossing

Harris, Noah Fight or Flight

Hart, Christopher Doodletopia: Fairies

Hassell, Santino Insight, First and First, Concourse, Oversight, Illegal Contact, Sightlines

Hawk, Jordan L. Restless Spirits

Hearst, Kathryn M. The Spirit Tree

Heller, Peter Celine

Heller, Z. B. Tied Together

Hope, K. I. We are Making the World a Better Place

Hunter, Elizabeth Shifting Dreams

Hylton, P. T. & Anderle, Michael Storm Raiders


Iyer, Polly Mind Games


Jackson, Shirley We Have Always Lived in the Castle

Jacobs, Liz Abroad

James, Renee A Kind of Justice

Johns, Rosemary A. Blood Shackles

Johnson, K. F. When I’m Bad, I’m Better


Kahn, Michael A. The Flinch Factor

Kennedy, Nat Edge of Desperation

King, Maggie Shen An Excess Male

Klune, T. J. Wolfsong, The Lightning-Struck Heart 

Kova, Elise The Dragons of Nova

Krueger, Paul Last Call at the Nightshade Lounge

Kruppa, Kristine 27 Days to Midnight

Kushner, Nina Erotic Exchanges

Kyle, Celia & Tate, Erin Jarek


Lang, Eli Half

Larkin, Emily Claiming Mister Kemp

Lawson, Jenny Let’s Pretend This Never Happened

Lennox, Vanessa Love and Legend

Leon, Brian S. Chaos Unbound

Ley, Tamsin The Merman’s Kiss

Lincoln, K. Bird Dream Eater

Linton, Russ Crimson Son

Litore, Stant Ansible 15715,15716 & 15717

Low, Cheryl Vanity in Dust

Lukavics, Amy The Ravenous

Lukens,  F.T. The Rules and Regulations for Mediating Myths & Magic


MacKenzie, Lily Iona Curva Peligrosa

Maddix, Marina & Dare, Flora Captured by the Alien Savage

Madison, Sarah Crying for the Moon

Mallory, Ava Misbehaving

Mann, Philip Dark Muse

Maxfield, Z. A. St. Nacho’s

Mazzenga, Joseph Dragon’s Child

McDonough, Yona Zeldis The Bicycle Spy

McGrath, V. S. The Devil’s Revolver

McMaster, Bec Mission: Improper

Medhurst, Rachel Thunder Hunter 

Merrow, J. L. Wake Up Call

Mickelson, Caroline Magic Wand Ranch 

Milikin, Kevin Summer of 68

Monroe, Mary Alice A Lowcountry Christmas

Montlack, Andrew Drip: A Gothic Bromance

Moore, Marsha A. Blood Ice & Oak Moon

Moore, T. A. Dog Days

Moreno-Garcia, Silvia Certain Dark Things

Morgan, Alexis Dark Protector

Mullins, Tameka 12 Hours of Daylight


Nash, Layla Thrill of the Chase

Noffke, Sarah Suspended, Paralyzed, ReleasedRen: The Man Behind the Monster, Ren: God’s Little Monster, Ren: The Monster Inside the Monster, Ren: The Monster’s Adventure, Ren: The Monster’s Death


Owens, Tricia Descended From Dragons


Parrish, Roan Out of Nowhere, Where We Left Off 

Pestel, Janine R. Infected

Phipps, C. T. Straight outta Fangton

Preston, Irene & Rancourt, Liv Nocturne

Puxty, Tyrolin Colt Harper: Esteemed Vampire Cat


Quinn, Paula The Scot’s Bride


Rathbone, Wendy The Android and the Thief 

Reeder, Amy Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur 

Reyne, Layla Single Malt

Rice, Jason Paul Whispers From Another World

Ripley, Meg Marked by the Werewolves

Rivera, Gabby Juliet Takes a Breath

Rivers, Brandy L. New Beginnings

Roman, Celia Greenwood Cove

Rowland, Diana My Life as a White Trash Zombie

Russell, E. J. Cutie and the Beast, The Druid Next Door

Russel, Karen Swamplandia!


Sanders, B. R. Resistance 

Sebastian, Cat The Lawrence Browne Affair

Seewald, Jacqueline The Inheritance

Shanbhag, Vivek Ghachar Ghochar

Sloan, Justin Land of Gods

Snowe, Marian Hereafter

Solomon, Clare Coexistence

Spencer, Wen The Black Wolves of Boston 

Speyer, J. V. Rites of Spring

Stevens, E. J. Shadow Sight, Blood and Mistletoe

Strange, Kevin I Died on a Bed of Roses 

Sue, Victoria The Alpha King

Sueng, Siryn Incubus Touch

Sullivan, Michael J. The Crown Tower, The Rose and ThornThe Death of Dulgath

Sunday, Anyta True Colors


Tasukada, Amy Blood Stained Tea

Theis, Kevin Invading Nirvana

Thomas, Angie The Hate U Give

Thornton, Marshall Femme

Trent, Holley The Alpha’s Claim

Tupper, Alan & Carrie & Nguyen, Havana Kamikaze: Run Rabbit Run

Turner, Hailey In the Wreckage


Urban, Jenny & Silver, Elizabeth In His Majesty’s Service


Veldura, Tami Learning to Want


Wade, Rachael Amaranath

Wallace, Michael The Red Sword

Waller, C. F. The Calling Tree

Warren, Scott Vick’s Vultures

Weeks, Brent The Way of Shadows

Welker, Jeffrey The New Man

Wells, Martha All Systems Red

Whited, Garon Dragonhunters

Wilde, Deborah The Unlikeable Demon Hunter

Wilson, Kai Ashante A Taste of Honey, The Sorcerer of the Wildeeps

Wineheart, Anna Forbidden Blood

Winters, Eden Hell is Where the Heart is

Witt, Brandon Submerging Inferno

Wolf, Deborah A. The Dragon’s Legacy


Xisto, Selso Particle Horizon


Youngmark, Matt The “Wonderful” Wizard of Futhermucking Oz


Z., Cari Off the Beaten Path

Zwygart, Heather Lady of the Sea


By Narrator

Ackroyd, David & Sitrick, Arielle Swamplandia!

Adams, Holly The Spirit Tree

Baker, Wyatt The Calling Tree

Barnes, Steve Vagabond Circus

Benson, Rosemary The Red Sword

Campbell, Tim Ren: The Man Behind the Monster, Ren: God’s Little Monster, Ren: The Monster Inside the Monster, Ren: The Monster’s Adventure, Ren: The Monster’s Death

Carlson, Jean Lowe Blood Ice & Oak Moon

Fisher, Ian Thunder Hunter

Foster, James Pound of Flesh

Frizzell, Cait Finders Keepers

Goss, Spencer Where We Left Off

Gregory, Rick Summer of 68.

Hays, Jeff Stone Cold Bastards, Land of Gods

Hite, Cary Straight Outta Fangton

Holdbrook-Smith, Kobna Rivers of London

Holly, Veronica Marked by the Werewolves

Hunter, Casey Treading Water

Larkin, Alison The Automaton’s Wife

Lavington, Suzanne Poison or Protect

Leslie, Joel The alpha King, Femme

Loving, David Choices

Lucas, Mitchell Crimson Son

Martin, Sally Exotic Exchanges

Marno, Mozhan Cooking for Picasso

McClain, Derrick Tied Together

Naramore, Mikael Sensation

Prince, Lori Hereafter

Raudman, Renee On the Edge, Bayou Moon

Theis, Kevin Invading Nirvana

Tremblay, Greg Black Dog Blues

Turpin, Bahni The Hate U Give

Williams, Tiffany Whispers From Another World

Winder, Rebecca Greenwood Cove

Woodworth, Leonor A. Magic Wand Ranch

Zackman, Gabra Storm Raiders